Random clothing giveaway/exchange thing?

So I have a lot of clothes that I’ve been meaning to get rid of that I haven’t worn in a long time - mostly from the early stages of my alternative years.

As my town is quite small and with few alternative kids, I’ve had a hard time finding good homes for these clothes. So I figured I’d offer them up to you tumblr folk!

1. Knitted fingerless gloves [EDIT: this item has been claimed.]
2. Ripped black and white skirt (stretchy elastic waist)
3. Black and purple lacy skirt
4. Tripp-style belt with pockets [EDIT: this item has been claimed.]
5. Black and white skull earrings
6. Blue seashell hair clip [EDIT: this item has been claimed.]
7. Metal wishbone necklace

I’m a small person, and so to give you an idea of the sizes, all of these are measured against a regular 30cm ruler.

Message me if you’re interested in any of these things! I can mail to anywhere in the US or Canada. I will not charge for any of this, though if we could do an exchange (you send me some stuff you’re tired of/done with) that would be super rad!

The necklace, earrings, and two shirts still have not been claimed~

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Friends re-entering into abusive relationships and their abusers trying to reconcile with me and gain my sympathy liKE NO??? GET AWAY FROM ME???? HOW DARE YOU?????

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Anonymous Asked:
Maybe a trans symbol with the circle as a heart with an arrow and has those shash things around it and they say "None of your business"

My Answer:

oh my gosh this is so cUTE!! n/////n


(if that is okay with you, cute anon)

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It’s that time of year again: my schools pride week. 

And what does that mean? RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE
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I think the "artsy" stuff looks feminine as well as cool. And I'm totally jealous cause not only am I completely incapable of applying eye makeup but no matter what kind I try, no matter how gentle and hypoallergenic they claim to me, all of them make me feel like my eyeballs are on fire.

My Answer:

Aww, anon. I’m so sorry makeup and your body don’t cooperate.

There are many other ways of expressing your artistry through aesthetics though!! It does not have to be through makeup.

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I always have trouble with makeup these days because it’s like

I have to decide whether I want to have fun and do cool artsy things on my face and look nice and feminine

or leave out the makeup and not get constantly misgendered

Anonymous Asked:
What r some traits of an ideal partner for u? / have any current crushes?

My Answer:

I’ve been letting this question sit in my ask box, because for me it’s a really big question. So I tried to simplify it down to three main points. 

Ideal traits in a partner

1. Honesty in communication

I’m a very emotional person and so having consistently open, honest communication is essential in my relationships; if people can’t openly talk about how they’re feeling then the relationship won’t function half as well as it could.

2. Similar or complimentary personality

I have never gotten the phrase “opposites attract”. If I’m going to get along with someone we better have similar views on life or else we’re going to butt heads. 

There are many traits in a person that I would hope reflect or are similar to my own, but the primary one is queerness. I could never date someone who wasn’t part of the queer community.

3. Not just acceptance or tolerance, but appreciation

I would want my significant other to love and appreciate me for who I am, rather than simply tolerating parts of who I am so we can get along.

It’s like the difference between loving someone despite their flaws and loving someone for their flaws. Flaws are what make us human and if you can’t appreciate the beauty in imperfection then there will be a major conflict of interest between us.

Current crushes?

Well… I mean, there is this one cutie that I really like *giggles nervously*…..

We’ve been friends for almost two years now…. 

We’ve been going steady for almost ten months… *blushes* 

Yeah, I’m really into them. Like, a lot. 

Yeah. Kind of in love with this kid. *squirms excitedly*

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Anonymous Asked:
You are such an inspiration to me! ~Ben

My Answer:

I don’t know what I’ve done to qualify as an inspiration, but I’m glad I can serve as one regardless! c:

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Yesterday was “90’s Day” at our school and so I decided to use a 90’s-style filter.

No one prepared me for how much I’m starting to love filters?? I know this is not a new thing but it still excites me to no end.